Corbett-Dallas Loop in Ouray

Date hiked: 11/12/16

Mileage: 8.4 miles

Head Count (how many other hikers I saw): 1 hiker and his dog.


The Corbett trail and the Dallas trail share their route the first .9 miles of the way, climbing an immediate series of switchbacks to and above the red sandstone cliffs bordering Highway 550’s northbound lane. Occasionally, the trees thin to spectacular glimpses across the valley of Gold Hill and the Bachelor-Syracuse Mine, and nearing the top, you can see clear to the Amphitheater, though Ouray itself remains elusive behind the hills.

1 (2).JPG

The red cliffs of Gold Hill, where mine tailings and structures still litter the mountainside. Off to the right, you can spot the southern arm of the Amphitheater.

At the split near Corbett Creek, continuing onto the loop counterclockwise, the Dallas trail heads northwest, first into dense stretches of pine, then into a mesmerizing patch of aspen trees, gaining a steep 1,200 feet along this expanse. Watch for the old mining ruins .8 miles in.

2 (2).JPG

What remains of a once thriving past.

3 (3).JPG

I’m looking forward to revisiting the trail this summer when everything is in bloom. Nothing beats the vibrance of an aspen forest in the summertime.

4 (2).JPG

The trail eases off, then crosses this swampy drainage near the close of the loop. I can only imagine how wet this would be come the spring snowmelt.

The two legs of the loop meet back up 1.6 miles beyond its first split. From here, the Corbett trail branches off to the left, steering you back towards the switchbacks. But the Dallas trail forges on another 1.4 miles through a mix of pine and aspen towards Moonshine Park.

5 (2).JPG

Where the trails meet, head left for the Corbett trail (back to the trailhead), or right to continue onto the Dallas trail, where you’ll have plenty more options at exploration.

6 (3).JPG

After a short reprieve, the trail clambers to its high point at 10,000 feet.

8 (2).jpg

Overlooking Moonshine Park.

From Moonshine Park, the Dallas Creek trail continues a final .6 miles to where it culminates at FR-852, passing by the Burn ski hut along the way.

Modeled after the Canadian system, the San Juan hut system started as a series of five ski huts in the Sneffels Range to connect Telluride, Ouray and Ridgway. Eventually, two more mountain biking routes were devised, one connecting Durango to Moab, UT, and the other connecting Telluride to Moab. The Burn hut was one of the original, and marks the furthest east in the entire system, and the furthest north in Colorado.

Returning along the Dallas trail, a half mile shortcut .7 miles from Moonshine Park will take you to the Corbett trail. This shortcut is signed, but a major bushwack full of downed trees and an itchy understory, even at the tail end of fall.

9 (2).JPG

The beginning of the shortcut.

A seamless transition brings you back onto the main trail, and the remainder of the route descends Corbett Creek along the Corbett trail, saving the best views for last.

10 (3).JPG

East towards Gold Hill and the Amphitheater.

11 (2).jpg

Looking towards Whitehouse Mountain, though the summit remains shielded behind its northeastern flank.


0. Map.png


(From Ridgway): From the intersection of Highway 550 and Highway 62, head south on Highway 550 for 8.7 miles. Turn right onto the unmarked bridge, crossing the Uncompahgre River. Take another quick right to turn onto northbound CR-17. The trailhead is on the left after .3 miles. CR-17 is an easy 2WD dirt road and plowed in the wintertime.

11.4 miles, 19 minutes

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