Mt. Sneffels Part Deux

Date Hiked: 09-19-16

Mileage: 8.2 mi; 5.5 hr

Head Count (how many other hikers I saw):5-8 groups


Seeing as my brother was the one to get me into hiking 14ers, it’s only fair that I bring him up my favorite mountain on his first visit to the Western Slope. Back to Mt Sneffels, here’s another look at the standard route:

IMG_0847 (2)line.jpg

Head towards the left of the gully. It’s a lot easier to climb the talus, rather than the loose dirt through here.

IMG_0851 (2)line.jpg

At the saddle, turn left and follow the tighter gully to the notch just below the peak. If you keep right, the rocks along the wall will give you a bit more stability.


At the top of the gully, turn left to find the notch. I forgot to take a picture of the notch, but the 14ers website has a really detailed look at the route.

IMG_0864 (2).JPG

Telluride. It sucks that Ouray is literally less than ten miles from Telluride, yet it takes an hour to drive between the two towns.


My brother and me at the peak.

IMG_0849 (2).jpg


And, of course, a trip to the San Juans wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Telluride.


0. Map.jpg


(From Ouray): At the first switchback south of Ouray, turn onto Camp Bird Road. After 4.7 miles, keep right to turn onto CR-26. 1.3 miles up the road, there is parking for low-clearance 2WD vehicles at Walker Mine. With 4WD, keep right and continue onto Yankee Boy Basin Road. The lower 4WD trailhead is .8 miles up the road, and the upper 4WD trailhead for high clearance SUVs is 1.7 miles beyond this.

7.7 miles to the lower 4WD trailhead; 33 min


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