Crag Crest

Date hiked: 07/30/16

Mileage: 10.1 miles; 3.5 hrs

Head Count (how many other hikers I saw): 2 groups


As one of the world’s largest mesas, Grand Mesa is recognized more for it’s long, flat traverses rather than its leg-busting summit climbs. But the Crag Crest Trail offers a striking exception.

Located at the epicenter of The Mesa, Crag Crest is another designated national recreation trail, much like Ouray’s Bear Creek Trail, aiming to foster public health. And drawing thousands of visitors each year, the trail is thriving in success.

Beginning at either the eastern approach from Eggleston Lake off of Lakeshore Drive (where I started), or the western approach off of Highway 65 (Grand Mesa Scenic Byway), it’s best to get the hard part out of the way to find safety in the canopy below the ridge before the usual afternoon thunderstorms roll in.

Taking the loop counterclockwise from the Eggleston trailhead, the trail starts out at its low point of 10,167 feet just east of the Crag Crest Campground. Heading eastward towards upper Eggleston Lake little more than one-third of a mile away, the western shores unfold and the trail continues up an easy meadow sporting shore to shore views.

With 300 feet of elevation gain, the trail hits its second lake, Bulfinch Reservoir number 1, before the first real push towards the crest.

IMG_8412 (2)

IMG_8424 (2).JPG

Upper Eggleston Lake

IMG_8433 (2).JPG

Bullfinch Reservoir Number 1

IMG_8414 (3).JPGOver the next 8/10ths of a mile, two switchbacks haul you 1,000 feet up packed dirt and stable scree-covered slopes to the eastern inlet of the crest. Along the crest itself, the exertion tapers off, as the trail only gains about another 100 feet over the next mile.

IMG_8440 (3).JPG

A violent tangle of fallen trees lies between Bullfinch Reservoir Number 1 and Butts Lake, just one solemn reminder of the Crag Crest Blowdown of 2005. In an area prone to high winds, the unwitnessed event tore through Grand Mesa one balmy October day, flattening nearly every tree in this mile long stretch, and rendering the eastern trailhead inaccessible. Today, the rubble still lies where it fell more than ten years ago, cemented in a lasting memorial to Mother Nature’s imperious force.

IMG_8436 (2).JPG

IMG_8441 (2).JPG

Butts Lake

IMG_8446 (2).JPGIMG_8451 (3).JPGIMG_8455 (2).JPG

From its vantage point along the crest of the exposed knife-edge ridge, even a hazy day can bring views that stretch to the mountains of Grand Junction sixty miles to the northwest, and a bird’s-eye view to dozens of the 300 lakes and reservoirs scattered like volcanic potholes across Grand Mesa.

IMG_8464 (2).JPGIMG_8466 (2).JPGIMG_8467 (3).JPGIMG_8483 (2).JPG

IMG_8476 (2).JPG

Looking north, that’s Cottonwood Lake Number One.

IMG_8472 (4).JPG

Rockland Lake, Forest Lake and Hotel Twin Lakes in the foreground; Baron Lake, Kennicott Slough Reservoir and Womack Reservoir Number One touching the far (southern) edge of Grand Mesa, and Island Lake on the western extremes of the Crag Crest trail (top right corner).

IMG_8481 (2).JPG

Wolverine Lake, with a sliver of Island Lake to the left.

IMG_8475 (2).JPG

The crag isn’t always so exposed.

From its high point of 11,189 feet, the trail gradually loses steam. At mile four, the route levels out at the base of the crest near Wolverine Lake, and soon after, trail #712 splits off towards Cottonwood Lakes. Heading straight, another fork comes with access to the western trailhead. Taking the left, the lower half of the the Crag Crest Loop unfolds behind a series of lakes and meadows in the forested flatlands.

IMG_8490 (2)IMG_8495 (2)

IMG_8499 (2)

Continue onto Crag Crest Trail #711 at the junction with Cottonwood Lakes Trail #712.

IMG_8502 (2)IMG_8509 (3)

IMG_8510 (2)

The trail on the right heads off towards the western trailhead. Continue to the left.

IMG_8525 (2).JPG

Arch Slough

IMG_8548 (2).JPG

Trail Map

0. Map.jpg


(From Highway 92): From Highway 92, turn north onto Highway 65. After 26.8 miles, turn right onto Baron Lake Drive, then in 2.5 miles turn left onto Lake Shore Drive. The parking lot for Crag Crest is on the right side of the road, 1 mile further.

30.3 miles, 46 minutes

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