Covert Rock Art

I’d love nothing more than to give you all the answers here, but these panels of pictographs I found off-trail near one of my hikes aren’t advertised by the park service, and I don’t want to do them a disservice.

But…they are easy enough to find with a little detective work. Once you figure out which hike they belong to, I’ll give you one hint: head due west.

So, without further delay, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

IMG_8051 (2).JPG

Dating back to at least 4,000BC, the rock art found in this area was created by the Archaic, Fremont, and Anasazi cultures who passed through the area over a span of more than 5,000 years looking for game animals, wild plant foods, and stone for tools and weapons.

IMG_8061 (2).JPG

Creations like this crop up all over the panels. I imagine them to be family portraits.

IMG_8077 (2).JPG

IMG_8070 (2)IMG_8068 (2).JPG

IMG_8058 (2).JPG

IMG_8073 (5).JPG

Exploring the slots around the site.

IMG_8042 (2).JPG

This one reminds me of the Flatiron Building in New York City.

If you do happen to stumble upon the pictographs, do your part and keep your hands off of the panels, and go out of your way to stay off of the fragile cryptobiotic soil!

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